Believe in yourself
Be generous
Laugh a lot
Dream a little
Love unconditionally,
because Love doesn't have an age or a gender.
Sing along because sometimes
Music keeps you alive
Do what makes you happy and always
Listen to your heart.

I. 20, Italy .
Just a girl that probably dreams way too much (:

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Amazing lesbian hangout, ur welcome to join : ) 

What’s the password

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"My life is a constant fluctuation between being too much and not being enough."

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i hate how people use the word “partner” for gay people like no she’s my girlfriend we’re not fucking doing science projects together thank you bye

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2479) I feel so dirty inside.

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"Please don’t forget
Picking yourself off the floor
Wiping your tears
Putting the pills
Back in the bottle
Emptying the tub
You’re fine
You’re fine
You’re fine
You’re all you need
You’re fine"

- stnk (Things to tell myself)

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"You said
‘You must have hope
or else you’ll drown’
I want to say
I’m already drowning,
but the salt water is
already filling up
my lungs
the ocean is swallowing me

- how could I forget how to swim
(Melanie Exler strengthenizer)

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"I’m tired of defining my life
Based on the amount of times
I succeed and fail each day.
I’m tired of tallying
My relapses into bad habits.
I’m tired of limiting myself
To keep from feeling and loving so hard.
I’m tired of existing as though
Numbers of any kind,
Make me good or bad
Or wrong or right.
I’m putting away those concepts;
My mind will finally get its rest.
Because I am no longer,
And have never been
The sum or differences
Of these things.
I am just me.
I will just be."

- Being (via inkingtrees)


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